Testolone (RAD140) Detailed Review

Testolone (RAD140) Detailed Review

Testolone is one of the new groups of experimental drugs that have gained popularity over the past few years as the perfect alternative to steroids and prohormones when it comes to weight management. Also known as Rad140, Testolone belongs to the category identified as SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). Unlike steroids, SARMs are very selective in the areas they impact. These compounds inhibit some receptors, allowing them to influence the intended areas only, such as muscle and bone density. Because of this, SARMs are becoming quite trendy among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. However, there are various aspects to review before using fitness supplements and enhancers. Here is a brief review of Testolone (RAD140), including how it works, benefits, side effects and dosage insights.

What is Testolone and What Is It Used For?

Testolone is one of the emerging categories of SARMs that have been making a wave in the fitness industry. SARMs present unique merits and are said to be very useful in aiding various fitness goals, including slimming and bulking. According to manufacturer claims, you can shred 20 to 25 pounds of extra fat or gain 15 to 20 pounds of muscles depending on your unique objectives. RAD140 is the compound’s generic name and the drug was developed back in 2010 by Radius Health to treat osteoporosis. It has since become instrumental in fighting other illnesses, including breast cancer. The popular brand name, Testolone, was released for muscle gains and can also promote weight loss when paired with the right regimen. It was derived and initial studies with monkeys revealed that the SARM boosted lean muscle gain without increasing liver enzyme transaminase. The compounds also characterize neuroprotective properties and prevent brain cell death. SARMs like Testolone can be bought online.


How does Testolone work?

Testolone has become trendy within such a short time despite lack of human clinical trials, which are still underway. However, people everywhere are already using Testolone because it is very effective. The monkey tests also provided amazing results different from any anabolic steroid. As a SARM, Testolone selectively attaches to androgen receptors in the musculoskeletal system, affecting the pectoral, biceps, deltoid, leg muscles and more. These being muscles you control and exercise during workout sessions makes Testolone very effective. It also ultimately increases testosterone levels resulting in more strength, libido and the virility that accompanies elevated testosterone levels. What’s more, Testolone doesn’t convert to DHT or estrogen.

Is Testolone safe?

Testolone relies on its anabolic effects on specific androgen receptors in the skeletal muscles. It is comparable to Dianabol cycle without the negative symptoms since Testolone only target androgen receptors concerned with muscle growth. It doesn’t result in nasty hormonal changes and SARMs are generally considered to have little to no side effects when compared to anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, while it might be the safest and most recommendable SARM in the market, Testolone has unique benefits and concerns.




Dosage information

If you are looking to gain lean muscle without suffering the undesirable side effects of anabolic steroids, Testolone offers a safer, more practical option. The recommended dose is 0.1 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, so 10mg per day is considered the ideal starting point for building steady lean muscles. Seasoned athletes looking for more potent results may up the dosage to 20mg per day, although this is rarely necessary. Nonetheless, Testolone is safe for men in doses up to 30mg per day in an 8 to 12-week cycle. Women should restrict dosage to 10mg per day in a 4 to 8-week cycle. Testolone has a half-life of 20 hours, which makes using it one a day the most effective model. It requires oral administering and comes in vials with droppers that you can empty in a glass of water. You can also take Testolone to bridge the gap between steroids cycles and preserve your gains without adding extra weight.

Side effects​

Testolone has a much shorter profile of side effects compared to other drugs offered for the same purpose. However, there are a few side effects you should watch out for. Most are mild and fade away, but it is highly recommendable to see a professional doctor if you experience any peculiar side effects. The common issues you can expect from using Testolone include headaches and increased aggression. The drug may also result in short temper although Testolone is relatively new and there is a shortage of research work on humans. It might also result in a temporary drop in testosterone, explaining why it is recommendable to take a boost at the end of the cycle.

Progress Monitoring

Testolone cycle lasts eight to twelve weeks for men and four to eight weeks for women. This window is enough to set a chain of physical and mental changes that users can monitor. Usually, the first change is increased energy levels from week one onwards. The pumps and fullness, hallmarked by muscles that look engorged, occurs from week three onwards. Week three to five also results in increased libido and overall strength. However, Testolone users will have to wait for four weeks or more to start experiencing vascularity, lean muscle definition and fat loss. Some users have reported lower back and kidney pain during the last week of their cycle, so you should monitor such developments. Nonetheless, the reports seem to be dose-dependent and there are several other factors involved.



Testolone enjoys the best reputation among all SARMs and has potency higher than pure testosterone. It also comes with fewer side effects that are easy to manage and fast results. The compound suits anyone looking to gain lean muscles and increase overall strength. It is essential to purchase Testolone from reputable retailers that can guarantee genuine quality from the manufacturer. More importantly, you should pair Testolone with proper nutrition and regular workout to enjoy the potential benefits.

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