Ostarine (MK 2866) Review: Shocking Results & Information About MK2866

lockdown April 22, 2020

Ostarine (MK 2866) is a type of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator presently manufactured by a pharmaceutical company located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States called GTx, Inc. It was initially developed for curing muscle atrophy and bone weakening that leads to broken bones and inability to perform normal day to day activities. Ostarine is also known as Enobosarm. Ostarine is used by athletes and body builders to help them in their training and workout sessions. It has similar advantages like anabolic steroids and enhances the training capacity by improving the physical stamina and contributes towards fitness. Ostarine is one of the most well known Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator among the people.

Often people have a doubt regarding androgen and its requirement is the body. So what androgen actually is?

Androgens are a set of hormones present in both men and women and the most popular androgen is “Testosterone”. It helps in communication among the cells in the entire body and develops male characteristics and regulates healthy growth of male secondary sex organs, It also helps in development of reproductive activities, and probably contributes towards fats distribution and muscle composition. Apart from these it also affects our bone density. As compared to a male body, the amount of androgen produced in a female body is less. Androgens connect with the androgen receptors for beginning its functions.

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Both SARMs and Anabolic Steroids helps in muscles building , increasing muscle size and burning fats but the difference is that SARMs just imitates Testosterone. It selects the androgen receptors and performs accordingly with each of them. Therefore, though SARMs give similar benefits as Anabolic Steroids, it does not associate itself with the risk and negative impacts on the body that consumption of Anabolic Steroids may have. SARMs may have some kind of side effects but in comparison to Anabolic Steroids, the risk level is very minor and can be corrected by a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).


Ostarine (MK 2866) is considered as one of the safest SARMs. For a first time user of SARMs, it is highly recommendable. Let us have a look some of the benefits provided by Ostarine:

However, for the best results proper dosage should be maintained or else, it may lead to some kind of side effects. From my experience, I have found that Ostarine works even if you consume a lower amount like 10 mg per day. Some people consume 15 mg per day for better performance while professional and well trained body builders and athletes may go for 25 mg per day. The normal rate is 10 mg to 30 mg per day but since even lower dosage of 10 mg for is effective, I would suggest the beginners not to take higher dosage in order to maintain a good health and avoid negative consequences. The entire cycle must not be more than 12 weeks. 8 weeks is required for effective muscle build up and 4 weeks duration is necessary for cutting.  One can start another cycle but a gap of minimum two months must be there with an increase in dosage up to 20 mg per day and for women, 10 mg per day is suitable.

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It has a half life of 24 hours so taking a single dose is enough for a day. But I have also seen people who like to take it more than once a day. For them it is suggested that they can divide the recommended dosage into equal parts and consume accordingly. Researchers have found that it helps in building up lean muscle mass and promotes body strength in cancer patients at a lower dosage of 1 mg to 3 mg per day for a total duration of 4 months. For more improved results one may go for a gentle and effective Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Tougher level of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is not required even if we take higher amount like 20 mg to 30 mg of Ostarine every day. The total duration of Post Cycle Therapy need not be more than 3 to 4 weeks of time.

People who do not follow the instructions of dosage and have a proper Post Cycle Therapy may suffer from the following side effects:

Thus, I would like to conclude that one should follow the dosage instructions strictly. You would get a muscular look and prevent excess water retention in the body. Proper dosage means no testicular pain, no sleeplessness and no headaches. And a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a must for maintaining the shape and structure you have earned after so much of hard work and for avoiding even a minimum level of side effects.

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